Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching and Mentoring are becoming increasing used tools. According to the latest CIPD Learning, Development and Training survey of 500 UK employers, 92% of managers believed that coaching has had a positive effect on the bottom line of the company.


Research also suggests that coaching and mentoring can improve recruitment, retention, improve motivation, and aid in the development of leadership skills amongst other attributes. But if you are looking for a coach or mentor it can be difficult to know if you are getting a competent practitioner who will give you a value for money service.


I am a qualified Coach and Mentor using the European model, experienced at working with individuals and teams up to board level.

    I provide :-

    Skills coaching(1) for managers to enhance performance and personal effectiveness

    Performance coaching focussing on a managers effectiveness in their current position

    Development coaching / mentoring. Preparing an individual for career progressions or future assignments

    Career and outplacement coaching

(1) CAPLAN J. 2003, Coaching for the future. London. CIPD